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Feature in Au Magazine


Au Magazine is Aurora Photo‘s quarterly publication, an amazing collection of shots by the best in adventure and stock photography. This quarter I’m humbled to be among the featured photographers alongside some amazing talents, covering combat photography to fine art. I’m also sad to say goodbye to longtime Aurora Director of Photography Peter Dennen, who has with this final issue moved into photo consulting with Pedro+Jackie.

Personal work featured on Monica Suder’s column for World Photo Organisation

Photo consultant and former photo editor of such publications as Rolling Stone, Monica Suder, has started a new column for the World Photography Organisation. This month Monica wrote extensively about the necessity of personal work for jumpstarting a photo career and featured my work on the NATIVE series as well as my shot of Amanda Clark climbing at Smith Rock, OR. Check out the article!

Jose Amoedo, Archer















Get Soaked with Chaos Chaos in our new video for My Hands

Now that Interview Magazine has officially premiered the video for Chaos Chaos, “My Hands”, I can show it you! I worked with the band in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania and had an absolute blast working my Steadicam backwards (though not in heels like Ginger Rogers). The whip pans you see are all carefully timed and synced, resulting in a video that required almost no time in post-production. Great fun with Asy, Chloe and stylist Maia Saavedra.

Clear Water- Poster for the film about the Suquamish relationship with the sea

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to work with Tracy Rector and Longhouse Media on the promo poster for their new film, Clear Water. Longhouse Media’s an unusual media company– awarded by National Geographic for their work on films about indigenous peoples and minority issues.

As a young indigenous photographer, it was great working with both elders and younger Suquamish tribal members to produce their portraits– it felt like doing important work. I felt like I was catching a brief glimpse in time as the Suquamish continue to blend the modern world with their strong culture.

One woman still freedives for Geoduck clams, some 30ft down in the icy waters of the Salish Sea (Puget Sound). Amazing, and such a strong spirit. I hope that with these portraits I can share some of that strength with you.

Get Drenched by HUGE waves with Daydream Vacation’s new video for Seize the Fire!

Last month’s winter storm/music-video session with Daydream Vacation has debuted with Under the Radar Magazine! Says David Einmo of the shoot, “It’s Asya, me and the ocean. It feels really authentic to me. There’s no green screening us in. We were in the midst of winter storm and we got soaked by the waves, rain, wind, and snow. We smelled like seaweed for a week. In fact, Asya had to board a plane back to New York after the shoot and she had hermit crabs crawling out of her shoes. TSA gets pissed when that happens.”




Scaling a 250 ft ocean cliff for a Daydream Vacation

It’s not often that you get subjects that are willing to lay it on the line. Dave and Asya, the duo from pop electronic band Daydream Vacation, trusted me enough to scale down this cliff on ropes to shoot footage for an upcoming music video of their new single Dare Seize the Fire. Believe you me, they did a lot of fire seizing all weekend. That amazing sweep of waves you can see in this photo is actually the crest of waves about 20′ tall, with a 16′ swell on the coast preceding a storm that day.

Cinematographer Patrick Kehoe and I worked closely with Daydream to shoot an almost surreal and certainly epic scale video, along many locations across the Oregon Coast. Since I originally hail from that area, I knew lots of ‘locals only’ spots to find incredible environments. Look for the video for Dare Seize the Fire in about a month, and may your own day be filled with the light and magic of life.

Daydream Vacation- Seize the Fire

Ugly machine transforms into Hero. A photo makeover story.

I don’t typically work on products, but when art director at YArts described what she had in mind, I jumped at the chance to do something different and whimsical. Why not give a big utilitarian machine a hero treatment? So after shooting the big tank of a machine at Qwest Field in a field studio, with some compositing we turned it into an athlete. Since these machines are the ones that clean up ECO paint (first and only of its kind), I think they are heroes. Or at least their inventor is.

I definitely owe some inspiration to retoucher Janko Williams on this one.

Templine Mantis Hero

Web Spinning w/ Dion Vox: Behind the scenes timelapse

Happy New Year folks! The final shoot of last year took a lot of work but felt fantastic. I had the opportunity to shoot with artist Dion Vox (formerly Ramona the Band), an amazingly talented duo who won SPIN magazine’s 2011 upcoming band of the year.



The original concept behind the shoot that my team came up with was to give the band a black widow spider treatment, but stop short of glossy blacks and hourglass reds. So between wardrobe designer/stylist Liise Wyatt and hair/makeup stylist Lindsey Watkins we crafted a visual look that would also help Dion Vox brand itself in the future. In the process I hit upon the crazy idea to build a giant spiderweb for a set…

I’m very excited to show you the process of building our extensive spiderweb set. It involved one long 12 hour day, 50 lbs of tape, and anywhere from 4-20 pairs of hands to build this installation. I drew inspiration from Numen Design, who had done similar tape installations in Europe but on a larger scale. Fortunately the band had a photo studio space where we could leave the set intact until shoot completion, thanks to Chris Snell from FRED studio.

Louie Gong, NW Artist

Louie Gong for Manitobah MukluksLouie Gong is an amazing multiracial artist with a background similar to my own, with Native, European and Chinese ancestors. He produces art that won’t even register on a Geiger counter. It’s full of life and dynamic motion and the traditional flavor of NW coast art with Asian influence. You can see more at Eighth Generation.

I did a series of portraits for him, as he both produces a custom line of shoes for Vans as well as custom moccasins for Manitobah Mukluks. Here are two of them.
Louie Gong for Vans

Escape from Ape Cave

Escape from the Ape CaveShooting in Ape Cave was probably the most intense shoot I’ve ever done. If anyone ever suggests to you to go for a winter stroll through a pitch black cave in the rain, you might want to think twice. I didn’t, and with the help of an amazing hardy crew and talent, managed to produce an image to tell the story of some hikers running from the fear in their heads, the darkness of the unknown.

Little did I know, that we would be hiking two miles through knee-deep breakaway snow hauling our gear, in the pouring rain, to setup our shoot inside the cave, in which it was also raining inside and about 40 degrees. Nonetheless, the gargantuan effort paid off with some great images and we all had a great time riding on the brink of misery…

Ape Cave is a mile-long lava tube at the base of Mt. St. Helens. It is up at elevation (hence the snow) and the cave interior is quite wet and breezy. Though the rain made production difficult as it infiltrated all my equipment, it also helped to create a beautiful ambience of reflective pools and dripping lichens. So what did it take to tell this story by photograph? Read on.